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Wilfred Owen Anti War T-Shirt - War Poet, 'The Old Lie', S-XXL, ​Dulce et Decorum Est, Protest Tshirt Wilfred Owen Anti War T-Shirt - War Poet, 'The Old Lie', S-XXL, ​Dulce et Decorum Est, Protest Tshirt Dagger Skull T-Shirt - Various Colours S-XXL, Tattoo, Dagger Symbol, Retro, Horror,
Black Star Military Green T-Shirt - Army, REM, S-XXL Wash Your Hands T-Shirt - Retro Propaganda Style, Virus, Various Colour T Shirts Gardening T-Shirt - Retro War Time, 'Garden For Victory' Various Colour TShirts, Outdoors, Plants, WW2 Top
Propaganda T-Shirt - 'Careless Talk Costs lives' WW2, Various Colour T Shirts, Loose Lips Sink Ships, Retro, Vintage Style Tshirt, Top, Spitfire T-Shirt - Retro, WW2, British Fighter Aircraft, Various Colours, S-XXL, Army, Military, Vintage Style, Souvenir, Tshirt Top ​100% Pre-Shrunk Ring-Spun Combed OCS Organic Cotton T-Shirt. Organic Cotton T-Shirt - Print Any Of Our Designs/Custom Prints, S-XXL, Various Colours, Personalised, Customised Top, Eco Friendly, Tshirt Printing, Cult, Retro,
Iron Cross Yellow T-Shirt - Gothic, Retro, 60's, 70's, Symbol, S-XXL, German, Military, Army, Rocker, Goth, Heavy Metal, Rock n Roll, Punk, Vintage Style Tshirt Top, Punk Death Before Dishonour T-Shirt - Military, Army Green, Retro, 70's, Punk, Biker, S-XXL, Punk, Rock n Roll, Band, Cult Retro Navy Anchor T-Shirt - Vintage Style Military Top, Also In Blue, S-XXL, Tshirt Sailor, WW2, Portsmouth, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, Tattoo
Custom Army Font T-Shirt - Personalised With Your Text, Various Colours, Military, Top, Retro, Customise, Tee Custom Eagle Army Green T-Shirt - Personalise With Your Own Text, German, Germany, Military, Army, Retro, Customise Star T-Shirt  - retro, 1970's, Glam Rock, Army, Military Green, Punk, Punk Rock, Portest, Tshirt Top
Air Corps Gunnery School T-Shirt - 1940's, Nevada, Las Vegas, Retro Army T-Shirt - Military, Various Sizes Your Text Here T-shirt - Custom Print, Personalised, Army Font, Various Sizes/Colours
Red Star Army Green T-Shirt, REM, All Sizes & Colours, Protest, as worn by michael stipe, Military, Left Wing, German Eagle T-Shirt - Bundeswehr, Army, Various Colour T Shirts, Military, Retro, Top